<h1  class="startseiteslides">&nbsp;</h1><h2>Your reliable partner for <br />software products and IT services</h2><p class="normalertext">Since 1990 we have been located at the Technology Park in Hamburg, Germany.</p><h1  class="barcodesdk">&nbsp;</h1><p class="normalertext">offers a powerful 32-bit/64-bit software for barcode recognition from digital images or Adobe PDF-Documents. The images are produced using scanners, digital cameras or fax machines.<a href="index.php?id=15&L=1" class="mehrerfahren">read more</a></p><p class="kompatibel">Windows 7<br />Windows 8<br />Windows 10 <br /></p><h1 class="belegmed">&nbsp;</h1><p class="normalertext">Recognition of medical laboratory forms.<a href="index.php?id=18&L=1" class="mehrerfahren">read more</a></p><p class="kompatibel">Windows 7<br />Windows 8<br />Windows 10<br /></p><h1 class="beleg">&nbsp;</h1><p class="normalertext">QS-Beleg is especially designed for tasks where forms are completed and then collected, e. g. recording working hours, market research, recording requests, orders etc.<a href="index.php?id=17&L=1" class="mehrerfahren">read more</a></p><p class="kompatibel">Windows 7<br />Windows 8<br />Windows 10<br /></p><h1 class="docass">&nbsp;</h1><p class="normalertext">With QS-DocumentAssembler QS QualitySoft GmbH offers a powerful, flexibly configurable software for sorting and indexing of scanned documents. QS-DocumentAssembler recognizes barcodes from scanned documents and processes the documents automatically according to the barcode data. Barcode recognition is performed using QS-Barcode SDK library. <a href="index.php?id=14&L=1" class="mehrerfahren">read more</a></p><p class="kompatibel">Windows 7<br />Windows 8<br />Windows 10 <br /></p>

Products overview


Reads barcodes for sorting, grouping and indexing scanned images.

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High-performance 32-bit and 64-bit software with multi-thread support for the recognition of barcodes.

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System to read and capture data from forms.

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QS-Beleg Med

Special version of QS-Beleg for automatic data capture for medical laboratories.

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Reading Workstation for the European Health Insurance Card.

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Offers an easy way to analyze the features of our barcode recognition.

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Just hold the barcode in front of your web cam to read it.

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Reading and transferring the ESR-Code of Swiss payment slips with a standard webcam.

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As of now, the QS-Barcode SDK offers multithreading support.

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FREEWARE version reads EAN and QR codes. Effective capture of part numbers and URLs.

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Starting from the version 4.2 we have integrated various changes and improvements in the new version.

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We read the European Health Insurance Card

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